About Us

About Us

TO us, relationship is everything

Our GOOD DOG team are fully qualified Alpha-Canine Professionals and specialise in NON-TREAT reward based training. Our method focuses on developing your dog’s relationship with you rather than their relationship with food.

We teach you to master this relationship through progressive challenges that reaffirm you as a trusted leader in your dog’s eyes. We help foster new standards where you are confident they’ll listen and respond to your direction, despite what is going on around them.

Our Goals

Our goal is to help you and your dog achieve reliable behavioural outcomes by teaching:

  • Positive and consistent LEADERSHIP
  • Clear DIRECTION with intention
  • TRUST in challenging environments, and
  • FUN to maximise learning retention and achieve shared goals.

We understand that some canine behaviours may be limiting in nature and are committed to working with you through these challenges, helping you and your dog live life together to its ‘fullest and funnest’ potential.​