Team Scooby

General Obedience & eliminating pushy behaviour

This gorgeous 15month excitable big boy is bigger, strong and more boisterous than mum. This makes is very hard for his mum, or the children to walk Scooby on lead outside their property. 

Scooby’s family wanted very much to share the outside world with him and trust him to listen to their direction when out and about. 

This duo have achieved many trust building achievements these last couple of weeks and are very excited about the new places they are able to enjoy. 

We have loved working with this dedicated team and are very please with all that they have achieved together. 

Keep Going – GOOD DOG. 


Team Georgie

Completed four day course

Georgie and her parents completed our four day learner’s course to fast track their leadership and communication skills to help Georgie be the best she can be no matter what life throws at them. 

Congratulations on completing this course and kicking some amazing goals together. 

Well done Team Georgie it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you all – GOOD DOG. 



Team Byron

Unreliable and Naughty Behaviours

Team Byron came to us at 18 months old with an number of anxieties around strangers and other dogs.

We couldn’t be prouder with this teams daily progress, it hasn’t been an easy road but their dedication to each other and the GOOD DOG method is seeing them develop strong coherent relationship.

Through this process mum and Byron are gaining confidence in harder environments so Byron feels supported to make more appropriate choices in environments that challenge him.

It’s such a pleasure working along side this inspiring duo. Keep going guys – GOOD DOG