We come to your home and work closely with you and your family to address your dog’s training needs and/or behavioural issues where they occur.

In addition to our private face-to-face sessions we provide:

Ongoing phone coaching
Tailored exercises to keep you and your dog progressing day to day, and
Exclusive written and video material to keep the information you learn relevant to the goals you wish to achieve together.

Behavioural rehabilitation

Does your dog struggle with inappropriate behaviours that limit the environments they can enjoy and your adventures together?

Upon assessment GOOD DOG Behavioural Training tailor a routine specific to addressing your dogs behaviours around their environmental triggers.
We work on your skill set to provide clear and consistent leadership, building on the ability of your dog to cope better in harder environments and make better choices than the poorer ones they have been triggered to make in the past.


  • Aggression to other dogs or people
  • Anxiety and fear-based behaviours
  • Destructive behaviours
  • New rescues
  • Over-excitability
  • Separation anxiety

adolescent to senior dog training

Have you noticed your already well tempered and behaved dog testing out some new behaviours that you’d rather not see escalate?
Or, do you catch yourself saying “.. my dog is great pretty much everywhere, BUT…” and you’d like to work on those small testing behaviours that pop up? then GOOD DOG is here to help.

We teach you and your dog specialised problem-solving exercises to further polish your dog’s general obedience whether that be off lead, around visitors or any other environment that your dog finds difficult to maintain their otherwise good behaviour. These sessions are about increasing trust and reliability.


  • General obedience
  • Stealing food
  • Off lead recall
  • Front gate / car door boundaries
  • Resource guarding
  • Nuisance or obsessive barking
  • Lead pulling

Puppy Training

Welcome to the family little one – the world is a wonderful and positive place to be!
Do you have a new puppy in the family and want to provide them with a well rounded and socialised foundation in preparation for adolescence and adulthood?

Your puppy’s first 16-18 weeks of development is a critical life stage where they established many fundamentals in their character. This is an invaluable timeframe to nurture their positive characteristics and discourage any problem behaviours.


  • Listening under distractions
  • Confidence in new and changing environments
  • Separation confidence
  • Socialisation Skills